Illuminated bathroom mirrors enhance the utility and add to the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Not only do they take the place of conventional vanity mirrors, but they also combine that vanity mirror with a warm light source known as an LED. An LED is a light emitting diode. You can think of it as a light bulb. It is not like a traditional fluorescent light or an incandescent bulb, which utilizes a filament of tungsten, and is surrounded by a noble gas such as Argon. 

LED makes use of the movement of electrons (electricity) to create light. It can be an amazing addition to your bathroom, complementing your interior design. The mirror edges are elegant, providing an immaculate finish to the bright white and warm LED lighting.

Who is it for?

Illuminated bathroom mirrors are for anyone who has a knack for fashionable accessories for interior design, but needs functionality in the designs. Instead of having to buy a bathroom mirror and lights to illuminate separately, these LED vanities are there for both form and function. The illuminated bathroom mirrors are there to match with any décor you have in your bathroom, to give it that modern feeling.

They are available in different shapes and sizes, usually rectangular, rounded or squared. There’s no doubt about their style. You don’t even need a border sometimes. You can do without it as the lights are on the outside end of the mirror. When you turn on the LEDs, a warm border of bright white lights is made visible. If the LEDs are a few inches away from the edge of the illuminated bathroom mirror, it gives a stylish look of the white light border inside the mirror itself.

What amazing advantages do you get if you have these illuminated bathroom mirrors in your bathroom as vanities? We can think of some. Here they are.

Professional makeup artists have it all -- all the products, brushes, applicators, and techniques to make your face glow and accentuate your features. While you can get the products, brushes, and applicators online and learn the techniques used as well, you may be overlooking one of the most important aspects of putting on great makeup: lighting.

That’s where illuminated bathroom mirrors come in. These backlit mirrors give you appropriate lighting to help you ensure that you don’t miss out any areas of your face or misapply your makeup. Mount them on your walls near your sink and you’re ready to go. While it may be easy to put makeup on in the day using natural daylight, at night when you have to go to a party, you will certainly need the help of these backlit mirrors to make sure you impress those around you and even your date for the evening.

  • A Multi-Functional Decoration

Mirrors are more important than you realize; you may even be taking them for granted. You use them to get ready for work, outings, dates and so on. They help you straighten out any loose ends of hair, and even allow you to be and feel sharp before going to an important meeting so you feel confident and ace it. Mirrors are decorative pieces as well – they make the room feel and appear more spacious. 

There is a diverse range of beautifully illuminated bathroom mirrors out there that you can use for your space. Many of them even come with additional storage space and options. You can place important things like hair straighteners, shampoos, shaving creams, loofahs etc. in a back cabinet or on the slender glass shelf attached to the mirror, for instance.

  • Long Lasting 

No need to worry about changing lightbulbs anymore with backlit vanities in your bathroom. The LEDs last for years even when used throughout the day. No wonder they’re also used in smartphone screens as well.

  • Uncompromising Quality 

Vanity LED illuminated bathroom mirrors are durable and of great quality. Not just the LEDs as described above, but the glass used as well. The magnification strength is also up to you when you select the vanity mirror. A high-quality magnification glass can be used, giving you the ideal reflection complete with crisp details that you desire. The glass is customisable in that sense and the quality is undoubtedly different from that of ordinary vanity glass.

  • Unmatched Clarity

LED and natural light allow similar clarity, and illuminated bathroom mirrors help to create a clear and crisp reflection for times when you need to get ready for a party. It even works if you are into taking selfies in high definition. You’ll get daylight-like quality and clarity when you take selfies at night when you need to feel good about yourself.

  • Foggy Mirrors are a Thing of the Past

Traditional glass can be quite the foggy mess after a nice, hot and steamy shower. Unfortunately, this is also the time that we need the mirror to look at ourselves the most. Thankfully, there are many designs for LED illuminated bathroom mirrors to be used in vanities that have anti-fog characteristics for quick demystification. The mirrors come fitted with de-mystifying filling to help get rid of the fog as soon as it starts to form, allowing for a clear mirror at all times.

  • A Touch of Fascination

Have guests dropped by your house lately? A vanity mirror, especially an LED illuminated bathroom mirror, is a great way to impress them. It’s a simple way to add a touch of glamour and fascination to your house without having to spend a whole lot of money. Your bathroom may look boring now, but with these beautiful luxury mirrors, you can transform them to look a whole lot better.

  • Environment Protection with Energy Savings

No toxins exist within these mirrors as they don’t use any mercury or any other harmful substances in their construction. You’ll get more light with less pain and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment, too.

Not only that, they’ll save you money on your energy bills, the LEDs in these bulbs use less electricity to produce more lighting than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

If you’re interested in buying these vanities to transform your bathroom into an economic, practical and durable space that lasts longer, don’t hesitate to contact Bathrooms United.