The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home, especially if you have a family all looking to get themselves clean. More and more people are deciding to install wet rooms into their bathroom.

What is a wet room?

A wet room is a sealed bathroom, all of the walls and the floor are sealed with waterproof layers which means that no water can seep out. As well as this, when designing a wet room, they often come with a sloping floor which leads to a drain, allowing any excess water to flow away with ease.

The only downside of a wet room is the fact that it is a wet space, meaning that items you don’t want to get soggy (such as electrical equipment) may not have a place. That said, you can always install a shower screen to separate the area that you will be showering in from the rest of your bathroom.

What are the benefits of a wet room?

Despite this one thing to think about when choosing a wet room for your home, in the most part wet rooms are a great idea.

They are fully accessible

If you have someone in your family who has restricted movement then a wet room may just be the ideal addition to your bathroom. As they do not have a shower tray, they are easy to get in and out of, ideal for the disabled and the elderly. 

It can increase the value of your property

Thinking that one day you will sell on your property? Well, having a wet room will really boost the price that you can expect to achieve when the time comes to sell. This is particularly true if you have another standard bathroom option within the home.

Makes the most of the space

If you have a small bathroom, then you may find that the idea of a wet room is ideal for you, especially if you are happy not to have a bath.

Having just a shower means that you will open up the space, and without a shower enclosure, you will have more room for other items.

It is nice and easy to clean

There are not many of us that like to spend our time cleaning our bathroom, so what if you had an easy way to keep it clean? A wet room is nice and simple to clean, all you need is a standard bathroom cleaner, spraying it all around the room to keep it shining.

It is super stylish

There isn’t much that will add a wow factor to your bathroom more than a wet room. Not just a standard tiled look, you can choose a range of different materials such as wood, stone or concrete, all of which give a different look to the space.

Want to create a functional, stylish and beautiful bathroom space in your home? Why not check out a wet room and see if it has exactly what you need?