Lifetime Product Warranty

What do we mean by a lifetime warranty? All products eligible for warranty are guaranteed for the lifetime of that particular product (exclusions apply), whilst we hope you live a long and healthy life, we don't mean your lifetime unfortunately. We are confident in our product quality and therefore provide warranties for a reasonable period of time, after purchase, based on the product type.  

The Product Range table of warranty periods by type and the exclusions from is correct for products purchased after 1st August 2016. Bathrooms United reserves the right to change the warranty periods or amend the list of exclusions without notification however, all warranty periods published at the time of full payment will be honoured upon proof of purchase date.

All Bathrooms United products are engineered & manufactured to demanding standards and carry our additional warranty over your statutory rights covering all manufacturing faults.


Product Category / Type


period (years)

Exclusions from Lifetime Product Warranty

Exclusion Warranty (years)

Bath screens


Seals & Spare Parts


Shower enclosures




Wet room system


Free Flow Waste


Splash Panels


Waste Kits




Base Trays






Shower Trays













12.1 The manufacturer of the Goods guarantees its products for the period of the products natural life. There are conditions attaching to the lifetime warranty, and some exclusions from it which are set out in the table above and explained also below:

12.2 If a product is defective in materials or manufacture you should contact Us as soon as the defect is discovered. If the fault is not resolved following discussions with our representative, we at Our choice, will either repay the purchase price or repair the product or send new parts to you as a replacement for some or all of the parts of the product. This constitutes the manufacturers’ sole commitment under the lifetime warranty.

12.3 We suggest that you inspect your product for obvious and physical defects within 14 days of the date of purchase and in any event prior to installation. This is to keep down your cost of remedying defects as We will only be responsible for refund, repair or replacement set out in paragraph 12.2 above and not for any installation, plumbing, loss of business or incidental costs.

12.4 The lifetime warranty covers normal domestic use of Our products at normal water temperatures and pressures.

12.5 The manufacturer develops and improves its products continuously and may change specifications. If, under the lifetime warranty, identical parts or an identical product is no longer available, we will supply the nearest current equivalent.

12.6 The lifetime warranty does not cover:

12.6.1 Breakage of or damage to the glass or its coating (unless the defect is present at the time of purchase). However, the manufacturer uses only toughened safety glass that complies with EN 12150-1 and EN 14428;

12.6.2  Showering items meaning the valves, hand sprays and fixed heads, body jets, drenchers, external valves and items of a similar nature. Damage caused by willful damage, neglect, misuse, accidental breakage and normal wear and tear;

12.6.3 Items that are not part of the shower enclosure(s) including soap dispensers, towel rails, separately purchased shower trays and similar items;

12.6.4 Failure to use the Goods in accordance with their instructions (where applicable); or

12.6.5 The alteration or repair of the Goods by you or any third party that is not authorised by Us.

12.7 Various matters may affect the performance and life expectancy of Our products and are excluded from the provisions of the lifetime warranty. These include:

12.7.1 Failure to adhere to manufacturers’ fitting and cleaning instructions;

12.7.2 Water composition, particularly as hard water may cause water staining;

12.7.3 Exposure to sunlight which may cause colour to fade and certain products to warp.

12.8 The lifetime warranty for metal coverings (both chrome and colour coating) against flaking, discoloration and rust is excluded when such conditions are caused by:

12.8.1 Misuse;

12.8.2 Buildup of mildew and lime scale;

12.8.3 The use of corrosive liquids for cleaning.

12.9 ABS, rubber and plastic parts used in Our products are excluded from the lifetime warranty. These products have a 12-month warranty but only where:

12.9.1 They have been reasonably maintained and cleaned;

12.9.2 Failure is as result of normal wear and tear

12.10 Our warranty exists in addition to your legal rights as a consumer (that the Goods match their description, that they are of satisfactory quality and that they are fit for purpose) and does not affect your statutory rights. For Goods that do not match their description, are not of satisfactory quality, or are not fit for purpose, please refer to Clause 10.  More information on your rights as a consumer can be obtained from your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau or Trading Standards Office.